MY BOOTS LIFE #36 | Red wing shoes Perfect book

Trust me, this 2 books are the perfect books for Red Wing Fans!

Although the books is written in Japanese, but it is fine, most of the terms is in english, and, you can understand by pictures/images. One of the best information is they group up all the shoes and last number in the book. So you can see your 875 last number VS other Red Wing shoes, so if you are wearing US9 875, and you really like the last and the fitting. You can refer the table to look for other red wing shoes with the same last number.

IMG_7918 拷貝 IMG_7919 拷貝

The cover has a story too, the cover image looks the same as the magazine in the past, it was the: 読売新聞社 Magazine cover:「Made in USA-2」, the new Red Wing Magazine is showing the respect for the magazine which publish 40 years ago (1976). If you believed you are a Man, if you like hand made boots, buy it or miss it.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 7.21.36 PM

2006 was the year that Red Wing Offiicial set up business in Japan, it is 10 years now.

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