MY BOOTS LIFE #38| Vintage shoe laces


Vintage shoe laces is one of the best item for your boots, no matter you are wearing Red Wing shoes or other brand, it comes with another feel and it represent your taste. Vintage shoe laces did not mean used or 2nd hand, sometimes it is just dead stock or keep in the warehouse for some time.


It is not easy to find one, you can just get one by luck, so if you have time, go and take some time to explore the 2nd hand shop, vintage store, especially when you go to Thailand, Taiwan and Japan. They got a lot of vintage good stuffs.

The image above is from  Red Wing Shore Store Tokyo Aoyama, I got one already!

MY BOOTS LIFE #36 | Red wing shoes Perfect book

IMG_7915 拷貝

Trust me, this 2 books are the perfect books for Red Wing Fans!

Although the books is written in Japanese, but it is fine, most of the terms is in english, and, you can understand by pictures/images. One of the best information is they group up all the shoes and last number in the book. So you can see your 875 last number VS other Red Wing shoes, so if you are wearing US9 875, and you really like the last and the fitting. You can refer the table to look for other red wing shoes with the same last number.

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MY BOOTS LIFE #34 | Red wing shoes foot bed


Converse footbed, are you kidding?

No, it is the perfect one for your heritage Red Wing shoes boots. I tried the new Converse Chuch Taylor All Star 2, it come with the Lunarlon air footbed. I bought the white color sneaker, however, it is so white and after 3 or 4 months, it turned into yellow and very dirty.

My Jason Markk cannot save it, however, I found that the shoe bed of Chuck Taylor All Star II is the perfect match for my Red Wing shoes, especially the Moc toe 875.
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Danner STYLE NO. 30860

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 11.32.50 AM

Danner STYLE NO. 30860有什麼吸引必買呢?除了因為Danner一向較少推出全黑色的鞋款外,007也是原因之一,最新電影,老大便穿了Danner。電影,明星,有型及少有推出,我相信已沒有任何理由不買的。除此之外是100%防水及Made in USA的。

至於售賣點?對不起,香港是很難買到的,暫時都看不到有貨。樂天,日本及美國官網,加埋Amazon都已全面冇貨,但去開日本東京,尤其是現在減價時間,不仿試試入去Beams或ABC mart看看,或許你會找到。

至於ABC mart為何有售?早年他們已收購了Danner了,你不知道嗎?

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 11.34.45 AM

港孩講鞋1 Nike Mowabb系列


一生中必要試的Nike有很多,讓我這邊有空便數數出來。Nike Mowabb系列的鞋王MOWABB便是其中一對。

先說歷史,1991年推出,看鞋的外形,尤其腳跟部份及那個Huarache般的後抽,便知是Tinker Hatfield的手筆。Huarache便由跑鞋,一下子走上山作戶外之用,而當時也極大迴嚮,絕對可以用很好賣來形容。火熱程度好比今時今日的Air max系。 … Read more 內容…

MY BOOTS LIFE #31 | Red wing shoes fw 2015 Lineman vs old lineman


This year, Red wing shoes launched the new Red Wing Lineman series, the Red wing 2995. So I take out my new and old lineman to see the difference. What I can say is the new lineman is perfect. Another must have item for the winter. I changed the sole for my 2913 to black traction sole, so it is more special and good looking. But the white colour seam lines are so white and not as shuttle as the 2995.

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MY BOOTS LIFE #29 | FW2015 Red wing shoes #2996

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 12.59.16 AM

Another nice pair of Red Wing shoes for this FW2015.

What is the different between this one with the old version Lineman? The most significant is the weight. It is so light weight! The other different is the design, of course, the new design for Lineman. Wider design of the shoe, you must go and double check your size before buying it. Any nice design is the shoe lace part, it is totally new design, … Read more 內容…

Nike Air max 95 OG 2015 vresion


Name: Nike Air max 95 OG 2015 vresion
time: 1 day only
comments: Just fine
worth of $: ★★★★★
must have items? yes
Costs: UK100

You must say NIKE is one of the most creative brand in the world, they created this kicks in 1995, but, I dont have money to buy this one at that moment, it was so expensive at that time. How expensive? It can buy a BMW at that old time…that is not a joke, it was real at that time. It costs 3000000 yen for a new one in Tokyo, while you can got a used BMW at that moment. Man, 90s was a good old time. … Read more 內容…

nike / mowabb ACG


name: nike / mowabb ACG OG
time: 1 day only
comments: comfortable
worth of $: ★★★★★
must have items? yes.
Costs: 19000 yen @ Atmos

It is one of the best ACG in Nike history.
When you type mowabb in google, you will know its power, everybody like it, especially the design is mixed with nike huarache.

Buy the OG.